Cyber Security

APTS is the nodal agency for Cyber Security-related activities in Andhra Pradesh that has taken the lead to build cyber security infrastructure and strengthening the capabilities of the State in dealing with adversaries. In tune with the increasing scope of cyber security in the IT-driven Governance, APTS continually provides expert advice, guidance and training to Government Departments and entities.

APTS is pivotal in the State’s Cyber Security strategy and is tasked with implementing the Andhra Pradesh Government’s Cyber Security policy as defined in the G.O.Ms.No. 2, dated 01.03.2017 of ITE&C (Infrastructure) department.

The State Cyber Security strategy defines four major focus areas, namely,

      i. Securing the Government Cyber Space, and Protection of Critical Information Infrastructure,
      ii. Capacity Building
      iii. Strengthening the Law Enforcement Agencies, and
      iv. Promotions
         Audit & Assurance Services :

1. The ITE&C Department has identified the M/s APTS Ltd, as a Nodal agency on behalf of ITE&C Department for implementing Andhra Pradesh Cyber Security Policy (APCSP), and issued GO MS 4 dated 10/01/2019, IT&C Department directing all secretariat departments/HoDs/PSUs / Societies and institutions to undergo mandatory audits by APTS Ltd.

2. The empanelment process in CERT-In (Govt. of India) by APTS is in progress. As per GO MS 4 dated 10/01/2019, APTS issued certificates of treated on par with CERT empaneled audit agencies from 1st Nov 2020 to 31st Oct 2023, as a part of providing the audit & assurance services across the country.

3. The audit service charges are to be paid in advance. The list of Cyber Security Assurance Services offered by APTS and rates for obtaining the security audit certificate is given below.

S.No Type of Assessment Item Name Cost per Service (excluding tax Rs.)
1 Web Application Security Assessment (WASA) Simple 33,040
Medium 73,632
Complex 141,600
2 Mobile Application Security Assessment (MASA) Simple 33,040
Medium 50,976
Complex 80004
3 Application Source Code Review Simple 164000
Medium 192000
Complex 288000
4 Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) Network per IP 3000
5 Configuration Review Servers/ Devices 2891
6 Security Process Review Simple 50000
Medium 70000
Complex 100005
7 Functional Audit for Application Simple 1,93,520
Medium 226,560
Complex 3,39,840
8 Red Team Exercise Application 1,60,000

4. The Departments are requested to pay the audit services charges plus taxes along with request.

5. The classification of simple, medium and complex application given below:

a. Simple: with static pages/lines of code

b. Medium: with below 25 dynamic pages/forms/lines of code

c. Complex: more than 25 dynamic pages/forms/lines of code

Security Audit Pre-Requisites

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