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The Government of Andhra Pradesh has authorized the use of digital signatures as the preferred means of providing signatures for all Government official documents. Digital signatures improve the efficiency, reduces costs, eliminate the use of paper and more importantly enable signing of documents from any location. The eSignatures are more secure than traditional pen ink, signatures on paper and are tamper evident.

APTS as a Sub-Certifying Authority (Sub-CA), under M/s. QCID Technologies the Certifying Authority (CA), is authorized to issue Digital Certificates to Government employees. At present Class – II DSCs are using by the Government Users. As per the CCA Guidelines, APTS will issue only class-3 individual Signing Certificate (both Organizational & Personal) from 01.01.2021 onwards. (Please refer section 1.13.1 of Identity Verification Guidelines 2.0, dated:26-11-2020)

The issuance of class 2 individual signing certificate (both Organizational & Personal) to subscribers will be discontinued from 31.12.2020 onwards (the existing Class-2 certificates can be used by the user till their validity).

The Class 3 certificate will have Organizational OID of Class-2 also. Hence, Class 3 Signing and Encryption can be used instead of Class 2 Signing and Encryption.

Please read the following Revised Procedure from 01-04-2021

As per the revised CCA guidelines with reference to the issuance of DSCs changes has been made and the flow process will be as follows from
01-04-2021 :
      1.    1st Flow : For Authorized Person.
                 a.   We need to create Authorized Person E Kyc Account in = Create User Menu.
                 b.   We need following doc to process E KYC Account.
                            1.  ID Proof – Preferably Pan Card.
                            2.  Address Proof – Organization ID Card with Address.
                            3.  Authority Letter – Letter attached in the Application form.
Once We process Authorized Person DSC – He needs to complete the SMS / E mail & Video Verification. This is to be done only once in a year.
      2.    2nd Flow – For Employees. – Maker
                 a. This is same as Present Flow. After Completing the Ref No Creation, He needs to complete the Video, One OTP will go to the Authorized                       Person mail id for confirmation of the applicant – Employee.
      3.    3rd Flow – Checker.
                 a.   Once the Authorized Person Receives the Email he will check all the parameters of Employees & Confirm with the OTP.
                 b.   After Confirmation of this, Employee is Authorized from the Checker.
                 c.   Then it moves to CA for Verification and on our Approval, applicant can Download the DSC.

Video verification is mandatory for all DSCs including Government, as detailed below:
      a. According to the guidelines issued by the CCA in the Section 1.11 (1), “The video verification of the application shall be carried out by CA.             The applicant shall be available to CA for video verification.
        b. During the verification, the applicant shall display original PAN card and Government ID having address for cross verification by CA. Both the             PAN details and address in the ID captured in the video shall be in a clear and readable form. The applicant shall keep the PAN card & Identity             proof of the Authorized Signatory.
        c. Video verification is applicable to DSC applicants, authorized signatories and originals of the documents, it refers the Authorized Signatory
        d. The video recording of interactive session with DSC applicant by using the facility provided by CA application shall not be less than
             20 seconds.
        e. Only one-way video recording session with applicant is permitted.
        f. Hence, all the applicants are requested to cooperate with APTS for video verification, which is mandatory as per the CCA Guidelines.

The following rates are applicable from 01.01.2021

(as per Controller of Certifying Authority (CCA), Ministry of Electronics & Information
        Technology, Government of India, only Class-III certificates will be issued.)

Meeseva/Webland/eProcurement etc
Description 1 Year 2 Years
Renewal New Renewal New
Signature or Encription Rs.800 Rs.900 Rs.900 Rs.1300
Signature & Encription Rs.1400 Rs.1500 Rs.1600 Rs.2000

eOffice from 01.06.16
Description 1 Year 2 Years
Renewal New Renewal New
Signature or Encription Rs.800 Rs.900 Rs.900 Rs.900

-> Courier charges will be Rs.300/- in addition to above:

-> The payment shall be made in the form of Demand Draft drawn in favor of " Managing Director, A.P.Technology Services, Vijayawada."

Vide GO Rt No:93, Dt.27.06.2015, ITE&C department(Portal Wing), the Government has sanctioned the budget for implementation of eOffice in all offices of HODs. The above fees will be applicable for eOffice usage as per Table-2, other than Government HODs.

The payment shall be made in the form of Demand Draft drawn in favor of "Managing Director, A.P.Technology Services Ltd., Vijayawada."

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