APTS takes up procurement of hardware, software, networking components and other IT goods and services on behalf of government agencies (users). The IT goods and services are directly provided by the vendors to users under the supervision of APTS. The entire procurement process is steered by a committee called the Technical-Cum-Purchase Committee (TCPC) which comprises representatives relevant government departments and APTS staff.


The Government of Andhra Pradesh vide GO Ms No.43, Dated 15-06 1998 has fixed the following service charges for various services rendered by APTS to users.


Most of the procurements undertaken by APTS on behalf of government agencies are in the nature of technical products/services. As a first step, the product/services procured for user department should meet the minimum technical requirement, before the product is considered for price evaluation. To meet the above requirements, the tender evaluation is conducted in two broad stages.


For large scale procurement, technical evaluation will comprise pre-qualification of bidders, followed by technical evaluation of product/services. In other cases, the first stage will have only one evaluation i.e. technical evaluation. Pre-qualification or technical evaluation will be followed by financial evaluation in both the cases. In brief, for large scale procurement, the procurement process comprises a three step evaluation and for other cases it consists of a two step evaluation. In all these steps sequential process of evaluation is followed i.e. product/ services being evaluated must pass through the first step, before they can be considered for the second step. A product/service which does not qualify at the first step will not be considered for further evaluation.


Total cost of ownership and product meeting user expectations form the basic criterion for financial evaluation.


The TCPC concept has been an integral part of APTS in all their procurement procedures. The committee tries to ensure transparency in decision making processes, wider discussion forums and for full involvement of user department at all stages of procurement.

Service Options Role of APTS Role of Departments Service Charges
Full procurement or Evaluation Services Full procurement cycle comprising finalizing technology, inviting bids, evaluation of bids, identification of vendors, issue of purchase order, acceptance testing and making payment to vendor. To indicate its requirement and to participate in the APTS procurement process. 5% of the total cost
Evaluation and Acceptance Services Evaluation of bids called by user, from the point of view of technical and financial scrutiny. Acceptance testing of delivered goods/services Finalization of technical configuration, inviting bids, preparation of comparative statement, issue of purchase order, and making payment to vendor. 3% of the total cost
Evaluation Service Evaluation of bids called by user from the point of technical and financial scrutiny. Finalization of technical configuration, invitation for bidding, preparation of comparative statement, issue of purchase order, making payment to vendor and Acceptance testing. 2% of the total cost
Acceptance testing Service Conduct of Acceptance testing and verification whether they conform to the specifications. All tasks connected with the procurement except acceptance testing 2% of the total cost


  • Assisting the user department in finalizing specifications for goods and services
  • Estimating cost for the indented goods and services
  • Inviting bids or Request For Proposal (RFP) from interested vendors
  • Bid/RFP evaluation by TCPC members
  • Selection of vendors raising purchase orders
  • Follow up on delivery
  • Verification of delivery and conduct of Acceptance Tests
  • Bill processing and payments to vendors


  • Identifying vendors for different types of goods and services
  • Assessment of vendor performance


Registration of vendors shall be open to all firms located in Hyderabad (AP) or having registered office (s) in Hyderabad (AP) at least for more than 12 months from the date of publication of notice inviting proposal and are eligible to do business under relevant Indian laws as are in force from time to time. Vendors marked/considered ineligible by APTS for registration, for the reason of non- satisfactory past performance, corrupt, fraudulent or any other unethical business practices, shall not be eligible for registration.

Specific Qualifications:

The vendor should be a manufacturer/authorized representative of a manufacturer and should be in business of manufacture/supply and maintenance of the offered items/services for a minimum period of one year in Hyderabad (AP) General strength of organization in relation to ability to provide goods/services, technical capability to supply and maintenance goods and services and financial strength for executing work order. Satisfactory track record of vendor for last one year in supply and maintenance of goods At least 1.) one service centre at Hyderabad with 5 service engineers and 2.) three additional service centers spread across AP with at least 3 service engineers at each centre.

(Note - Condition no.1 is mandatory for all cases and condition no.2 is mandatory for those vendors who wish to be registered for supplies outside Hyderabad)


  • Identifying goods/services for rate contract
  • Identifying vendors for such items.
  • Calling quotes periodically for rate contract prices
  • Finalizing rate contract


APTS deals in procurement of various goods and services indented by various user departments. Registration of vendor is open in following specific areas:

  • Hardware procurement
  • Software procurement
  • Office equipment procurement like Fax machines/photo copiers/telephone systems etc.
  • Networking and maintenance services
  • Training

The process for registration of vendors shall be by publication of an advertisement in the daily newspaper having circulation throughout AP. This exercise is done every year in the month of January/February.


The list of registered vendors is used by each of the divisions for one or all the following purposes:

  • For inviting quotations/tenders/offers/proposals for supply of goods and services under limited tender system
  • For inviting rate contract prices for various items/services every month

Office Address:

APTS Ltd, 3rd Floor, R&B Bulding, MG Road, Labbipet, Vijayawada-520010, Andhra Pradesh, India.

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