Cyber Security and Security Audit Services

APTS is the nodal agency for the implementation of cyber-security policy implementation in the state, and offers consultancy services to organizations and government departments in terms of reviewing and auditing their cyber-security network and infrastructure.

APTS oversees cyber security issues in the AP government, and is the authority responsible for the management and operations of APCSOC (Andhra Pradesh Cyber Security Operations Centre).

For Security Audits, Once, APTS receives requests from the departments within AP or outside AP or from App developers (client). The cyber-security audit process is followed in the chronological sequence as mentioned: -

  1. APTS will share the Pre-requisites form to the client.
  2. The client shares the prerequisite data with APTS.
  3. APTS evaluates the scope of work, classify the audit (network/web/mobile application). Further categorize the audit request into Simple/Medium/High to prepare the cost estimate.
  4. The audit manager will prepare the proforma invoice with estimate cost for approval.
  5. On approval of the cost estimate, the audit manager will send the proforma invoice to the client.
  6. The client accepts the cost estimate and request APTS to initiate the audit pending receipt of funds
  7. On acceptance by client, Audit manager requests the client department for SPoC and staging details. However, If the department/ client does not accept the APTS cost estimate, the file will be closed.
  8. On receipt of SPOC, staging details along with the role-based credentials, the audit team will verify the credentials.
  9. If credentials are not working, ATPS will request for fresh credentials
  10. If credentials are working audit will commence (duration will be around 10-15 working days).
  11. On completion of the initial audit, and If vulnerabilities are found
  12. The password protected initial security audit report will be shared to the client department (SPoC) for attending the vulnerabilities. Password will be sent separately to the SPoC.
  13. On receipt of communication from SPoC, confirming the closure of the reported vulnerabilities.
  14. APTS conducts second iteration of audit and if vulnerabilities are found the security audit report will be shared to the department SPoCfor attending the vulnerabilities.
  15. The iterations will be continued till there is no vulnerabilities are found
  16. If no vulnerabilities are found, audit certificate will be prepared.
  17. On receipt of audit service charges, the audit certificate will be issued to the client.
Guidelines for availing audit Services
  1. The ITE&C Department has identified the M/s APTS Ltd, as a Nodal agency on behalf of ITE&C Department for implementing Andhra Pradesh Cyber Security Policy (APCSP), and issued GO MS 4 dated 10/01/2019, IT&C Department directing all secretariat departments/HoDs/PSUs / Societies and institutions to undergo mandatory audits by APTS Ltd.
  2. The empanelment process in CERT-In (Govt. of India) by APTS is in progress. As per GO MS 4 dated 10/01/2019, APTS issued certificates of treated on par with CERT empaneled audit agencies from 1st Nov 2020 to 31st Oct 2023, as a part of providing the audit & assurance services across the country.
  3. The audit service charges are to be paid in advance. The list of Cyber Security Assurance Services offered by APTS and rates for obtaining the security audit certificate is given below.
    S.NoType of AssessmentItem NameCost per Service including tax Rs.
    1Web Application Security Assessment (WASA)Simple33,040.00
    2Mobile Application Security Assessment (MASA)Simple33,040.00
    3Application Source Code ReviewSimple164,000.00
    4Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT)Network3,000.00
    5Configuration ReviewServers/ Devices2,891.00
    6Security Process ReviewSimple50,000.00
    7Functional Audit for ApplicationSimple1,93,520.00
    8Red Team ExerciseApplication1,60,000.00

    Audit Request Form
    Audit Request Form

  4. The Departments are requested to pay the audit services charges plus taxes along with request.
  5. The classification of simple and medium application given below:
    1. Simple: with static pages/lines of code
    2. Medium: with below 25 dynamic pages/forms/lines of code
    3. Complex: more than 25 dynamic pages/forms/lines of code

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