Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) Services

The Government of Andhra Pradesh has authorized the use of digital signatures as the preferred means of providing signatures for all Government officials, and APTS is the flagship organization, offering the services for the state of Andhra Pradesh.

The Government of Andhra Pradesh has been using Digital Signature Certificates in various IT projects including eProcurement platforms. Some notable state portals that make use of DSC services include:

- Meeseva (Integrated Services Delivery Gateway)
- eOffice Applications
- eProcurement Portal

The procedure for issue of the Digital Signature Certificates (DSCs) is as follows:-

Applicant should submit the application form with the following documents and deliverables:

  1. Covering letter addressed to the Managing Director, APTS, and Vijayawada.
  2. Authorization Letter (along with the Stamp and Signature of the Higher Authority)
  3. Higher Authority Department ID Proof (Self Attested). (Copy to be submitted).
  4. Applicant’s Department ID Proof & Pan card (Copy to be submitted).
  5. If the above documents are not submitted by the applicant, the application will be rejected.
  6. Application will be entered in the site and OTP will be received by the applicant n registered Mobile no. & government Email Id.
  7. After receiving the OTPs on (registered Mobile no. & government Email Id. must be share to the concerned issuing authority of the Digital Signature Certificates.
  8. Link will be received to the registered mobile no. for video verification. (In the video applicant should show the Authorization letter, Original PAN card and Office ID card)
  9. After uploading the Video it will be send to the Verification team of the Certifying Authority.
  10. Certifying Authority will check the video and give approval.
  11. After Approval of the Certifying Authority the Digital certificate will be downloaded in USB Token and will issue to the applicant.

The following rates are applicable from 01.01.2021

(as per Controller of Certifying Authority (CCA), Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Government of India, only Class-III certificates will be issued.)

Meeseva/Webland/eProcurement etc
Description1 Year 2 Years
Signature or Encryption Rs.800Rs.900Rs.900Rs.1300
Signature & Encryption Rs.1400Rs.1500Rs.1600Rs.2000
eOffice from 01.06.16
Description1 Year 2 Years
Signature or Encryption Rs.800Rs.900Rs.900Rs.900

- Courier charges will be Rs.300/- in addition to above:

- The payment shall be made in the form of Demand Draft drawn in favor of " Managing Director, A.P.Technology Services, Vijayawada."

ITE&C department(Portal Wing), the Government has sanctioned the budget for implementation of eOffice in all offices of HODs. The above fees will be applicable for eOffice usage as per Table-2, other than Government HODs. The payment shall be made in the form of Demand Draft drawn in favor of "Managing Director, A.P.Technology Services Ltd., Vijayawada."

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