APTS purchases a variety of products ranging from hadrware, office automation equipment, networking sices and spare parts. The details of purchases along with the application fee are as given below:

PC Hardware (Servers,Desktop Systems and Notebook PC) RS 2 LAKH
PC Peripherals (Printers, Scanners, UPS systems, PDAs, CVTs, Stabilizers and server rack RS 0.25 LAKH
Shrink-wrapped software products RS 0.25 LAKH
Office Automation Equipment
(Photo copies, Fax machines,LCD projectors, Plasma display panels, Air-conditioners, EPABX, Telephone systems, Computer furniture, Digital camera, DVD players,Franking machines, Access control system, Bio-Metric products, Mobile Handsets, Barcode scanners/readers
RS 0.25 LAKH
Networking Services (LAN & WAN)
(Routers, Network cabling, Hubs, Switches, Leased Line Modems, Wireless Access Points, Wireless LAN)
RS 0.25 LAKH
Supply of Spare parts (Hard Disk Memory, Monitors, CD ROMs, CD Writers, Modems, Key Board, Mouse, Head Sets, Power Cards, Notebook Batteries, TV Tuners Cards RS 0.02 LAKH
Man Power Services Supply RS 0.01 LAKH
Hiring of computer systems printers, mobile telephones, internet connections, shredders RS 0.01 LAKH
Hiring of LCD Projectors, Laptops for presentations RS 0.25 LAKH
Hiring of Copiers and Fax Machines RS 0.25 LAKH

Office Address:

APTS Ltd, 3rd Floor, R&B Bulding, MG Road, Labbipet, Vijayawada-520010, Andhra Pradesh, India.

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